surf & turf: lobster tails & filets

First, use the information below to help you figure out the optimal cooking time for your lobster tails. These directions are based on 4 – 5 oz. lobster tails.

  • Parboil Time: 2 minutes for each 4 – 5 oz. tail
  • Grilling Time: 2 – 3 minutes for each 4 – 5 oz. tail

In order to ensure that you can make the tastiest grilled lobster tail, we recommend parboiling your tails before grilling.

  • Drop the tails in a pot of boiling water. When the water returns to a soft boil, reduce heat, set a timer for the time listed above, and remove the tails from the water.

After parboiling your tails, you’re ready to start grilling. Better get a good beer ready!

Grilled Lobster Tails

  • Start by inserting a long metal skewer lengthwise in each tail to keep it from curling while cooking.
  • Lay the tails on their back side with the soft underneath side of the shell facing up.
  • Take a knife and cut through the shell lengthwise down the middle. Pry the shell open, then pour melted butter and squeeze lemon juice right onto the meat. Treat with any other seasonings you would like to include.
  • Grill with the cut side facing up on medium heat. Each tail should cook within 2 – 3 minutes, so be sure to test the tails often to make sure they don’t overcook.

source: cooking-lobster-tails